Green grass – Submission for a film project – ana pio


Timberland – full version


Icberg – teaser version


The sub-monochromatics 1 – teaser version, inspired by besame mucho, consuelo velázquez


Run – full soundtrack


Open Door – tale of a man – full soundtrack


Life in a Day – full soundtrack


Map of the problematique – muse  vocals/guitar: Shamin Yazdani  embellishments: soundfountain


Cello Talks – full soundtrack from ‘Open Door, Tale of a Man’


Shark Cages –  project submission: shark documentary



Other compositions




United – soundfountain, thomi & pj


Fire – kingwithnothrone


Random Number – kingwithnothrone


Wonderland – kingwithnothrone


Sweet Winters Day  – kingwithnothrone


Waiting – kingwithnothrone


Gogogo – kingwithnothrone


Stay With Me – kingwithnothrone